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What to do if you dropped your non removable battery phone in water



Dropped phone in water with non-removable battery [solution to follow]

If you mistakenly dropped your phone in water, there are some methods you can follow in order to dry out the water from the phone.

For non-removable battery phones, I will be showing you all the available procedures you need to follow in order to dry out your phone when it is wet.

Water spoils almost all phones; only a few are water resistant.

If you’re among those using a non-water-resistant phone and your phone accidentally falls into water or you went out on a rainy day with your phone and it became wet, you can easily dry out the water.

Please endeavor to read every part of this article as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone whose non-removable battery phone is wet.

You can ask questions at the end of the article if you need further assistance concerning the post.

What to do when you drop a non-removable battery phone in water?

If your non-removable battery phone fell in water or became wet, below is the solution to follow in order to recover it.

Dry out the phone with rice:

You can dry your phone with uncooked rice.

Many people have testified how wonderful and fast rice can dry a wet phone.

Let’s look at the procedure for drying a non-removable battery phone with rice.

Remove the phone’s sim card and SD card to avoid more damage and follow the procedure below.

Put the phone in a container containing uncooked rice grains and make sure rice covers every part of the phone.

Put all the phones in the rice for about 48 hours, then remove them and power the phones off.

The rice will help in absorbing the water from the phone, making it dry again.

Before putting your phone in rice, make sure you have tried removing as much water as you can by blowing strong air through any openings in the phone. This will leave the phone with a small quantity of water.

Using silica gel

You can dry your phone with silica gel or any other hydroscopic substance that is not harmful to your mobile phone.

If your phone with a non-removable battery fell into water and you want to dry it out, you can use silica gel.

Below is the procedure to follow.

  • Put your phone in a glass or any container containing silica gel and close it.
  • Leave the phone and the silica gel for about 24 hours and then open the container and check your phone again.

Silica gel, as a hydroscopic substance, will absorb as much water as it can from the phone.

Before trying this silica gel method, make sure you have removed as much water as you can from the phone, either by blowing air from the opening in the phone or by vibrating it.

Also, make sure your phone is powered off before putting it in the silica gel container.

by using the vibrator app.

There are some apps that can help you remove water from your phone.

For non-removable battery phones, you can use the apps to vibrate and remove water from the speaker parts of your phone.

These vibrating apps normally help in removing water from the speaker of a phone.

In the app store, search for water removal or vibrating water removal app. Install the app and activate it.

To dry out your non-removable battery phone with the vibrator, open the app and set your phone volume to maximum.

Activate the vibration and you will see some water dropping out of the phone through the speaker.

The method is not that recommendable as it only helps in removing water from the speaker.

Take your phone to a phone repair shop:

This is the best advice of all the procedures provided above.

If your phone with a non-removable battery falls into water, take it to a phone repair shop for electric heating and drying.

Do not leave your wet phone for a long time, as the water may spoil other important things in the phone.

The phone battery may swell up if you leave it for a long time without getting rid of the water.

As you have seen all the available procedures for drying out your non-removable battery phone, check the next section below for other helpful tips.

Dropped phone in salt water non removable battery

if you accidentally dropped your phone in salt water even removable and non removable battery phone, the chance of the phone working perfectly fine again is low.

the salt will spoil almost everything in the phone even the battery.

to dry out a phone that fell inside a salt water, you need to take the phone to a nearby phone repair shop.

delaying much time will cause more harm to the phone, that’s why you have to act as fast as possible.

other methods of drying out a wet phone is not advisable for phone that fall in salt water as the salt will keep on spoiling other things in the phone even if you managed to dry out all the water from the phone.

take the phone to a phone repair shop where they can open every part of the phone and manually clean the salt from the phone.

phone repairers can add a some substance that will help the phone to became safe again from the salt damage.

Dropped iPhone in water non removable battery.

if you dropped your iPhone in water, you can dry out the water from the phone by following the procedure provided for you above.

make sure you turn off your phone before taking any step in drying out the phone to avoid water corrosion in the phone.

How to fix a phone that fell in water.

generally, for any phone that fell inside water, below are the procedure to follow in order to dry out the water and fix the phone.

procedure to follow in order to fix your phone when you dropped it in water.

  • Immediately switch it off as long as the touchscreen is working.
  • Use cotton balls and table fan to dry the water inside it.
  • Take out the SIM-tray and shake the phone to expel water from the speaker openings and the sim tray.
  • Leave the phone untouched for about 50 hours and let it dry in air. It takes a long time to dry a phone’s interior so have patience.
  • After you feel that the phone is dried, put it in charge. If it isn’t charging, let it dry more.

If it’s charging, then switch it ON and it should work normally.

This is how you can dry out your phone when it fells in water, you can ask questions below if you have any question concerning this topic.

I will be glad to assist you further in the comment section

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